LET'S Stand Story

Children WANT to talk, they WANT to be heard, they WANT to be the centre of attention. We believe in seizing the moment, taking this golden opportunity and helping develop our children's Oral Language Communication and Presentation skills in a fun interactive way.


"Do you believe in me? Do you believe in me? I believe in me"


From Junior Infants (5 years old) to 6th Class (13 years old), it engages all students actively in an individualised child-centred programme, developing their listening, evaluation and speaking skills. Students are supported and encouraged to progress through and present the 10 projects a year at their own pace.A safe, supportive environment is created in which all students are enabled, encouraged and empowered to achieve their potential.

Through regularly standing up in front of their peers and teacher and by listening to, observing and evaluating their class mates as they do the same, students’ confidence and competence in communication are positively progressed.


Oral language, a key element of literacy, is stressed also within the post-primary curricula. The Junior Certificate English Guidelines  lists the skill of oral language as one of its core principles:

“Particular attention must be given to reinforcing and developing the skills of numeracy, literacy and oracy.” (p. 2).

Equally, the Draft Guidelines for Teachers of English: Leaving Certificate English Syllabus mentions that it seeks to emphasise certain areas of study, one being ‘Accuracy and appropriateness in language use both oral and written’ (p. 6). 

In summary then, oral language is at the heart of both primary and post-primary curricula and a key strand in the national strategy for improving literacy.

‘LET’s Stand’ manuals are also available for Secondary School students and teachers

Siobhán Fitzgerald (M.Ed.) is Principal of a Primary School in East Galway and has been teaching for 24 years. She is also mother to 4 young children.

Having spent 7 years teaching abroad: in Japan, Saudi Arabia, France and Switzerland she believes profoundly, based on her research and experience that this is an idea that can benefit children not just in Ireland, but throughout the world. As a member of Toastmasters International for the last 11 years, Siobhán knows the benefits first hand of following a structured Communication and Leadership Programme and also of being a member of a positive, supportive and active learning community that enables men and women to improve their communication, presentation and leadership skills.

Siobhán is the Irish national ‘EU Direct’ Soapbox champion 2014 and 2016.

She has searched for a Structured Oral Language and Presentation Programme for young children and unable to find a suitable one, she designed and created the LET’s Stand Programme.