Working to Children’s talents…

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Do you know your child’s talent?  Does your child know their own talent?  What does he/she like doing more than anything else?  Drawing?  Playing football?  Singing?  Looking at animal picture books and documentaries?  Role playing games as a doctor / teacher?  What does he/she gravitate towards when there’s a choice?  What does he/she do when he/she thinks nobody is watching? What makes them happy?  Right here, right now!  Do we, as parents, sometimes direct our children in the way of our own interests, not theirs?

Finding out what our child’s talent / interest / passion is and encouraging and nurturing it might just be the single most important step we, as parents and/or educators can take towards helping them live a happy and successful life.

Do we give our children a chance, an opportunity to talk about or represent through some other means what they really, truly love?  When they do, watch their eyes twinkle, light up and their natural energy flow. Do you believe that what brings your child joy and happiness as a child is a valuable hint to what will contribute to their happiness and well being later in life?  Nobody chooses a career based on what they are not good at but yet, today, many adults seem to be more acutely aware of what they are not good at than what they are.  This doesn’t have to be the case for our children.

I believe it is more important today than ever before to help our children discover their true passions and talent.  The place where both of these meet is where true magic and real happiness will be experienced.  Every child has something unique to contribute to the world!

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