Making effective communication
a priority for children

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LET's Stand New for 2020

LET’S Stand

Imagine empowering children with the gift of public speaking. Our Programme means they will deliver 80 public speeches by the time they are 13 years old and continue their acquisition on this vitally important life skill throughout Secondary School.

This programme is NOT additional to the curriculum but is very easily integrated across the curriculum making learning and teaching more real and relevant. 

TED Talks Galway

Watch founder, Siobhan Fitzgerald’s TedX talk in Galway.

Focus Boxes

Training children in the skills of Public Speaking can be made much easier by focusing step by step on the different tools, the different ‘Focus Boxes’ they can use.  Here are some short videos to help explain each focus box.



Student Booklets and Teacher Manuals are available for all class levels from 4 years old to 15 years old. They include structured templates and aids that assist students and teachers to plan, prepare and practise for this Discrete Oral Language Communication and Presentation time.


A full range of student and teacher supports available to ship world wide.


Take a peek to our events and learn what we do at our YouTube channel.


Empowering Children to speak when they most want to be heard

LET’s Stand Programme is a complete, compact, cross-curricular structured oral language communication and presentation programme for children.

Making effective communication a priority for children


Inspiring media + other resources to aid public speaking in your school.


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